Aren't you happy to find this site?
No?! Why?
Because it doesn't have a way for you to be notified of its infrequent updates?

Fear Not! I'm making headway into transferring everything here to Blogger where an RSS feed is built into every blog. As this is currently a flat out lie, I'm not yet releasing its nonexistent url. :P

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m just too lazy to do much with this site, so you may want to visit again later when it possibly has a game or two. I’ll get some cool pics on here (one of these days), such as artwork from my deviantArt gallery, my scraps, and NEW releases (of Xanthus berries?).

I shall also be making reviews of books, though you may find my reviews somewhat optimistic. (I don’t think I’m particularly critical of professional works . I guess I’ll read something to change that.) They may at first seem like ads, but once I lay my hands on a distasteful book, you’ll see how insulting these "ads" can be.

I’ve now made a forum, but I’m still setting it up. If you’re interested in joining, please click here.


My best local playlist is here.

My best playlist *period*:

My best Finetune playlist:

Look at da kitty!